We would like to thank the owners of Valley View performance dogs for all their hard work in obtaining titles in either agility, herding, or obedience.  We are always amazed at what the "kids" can accomplish. Please keep us updated on recent titles as we love to hear how well you and your dogs are doing.

At the top: Valley View The Mountain Man "Coulter"

Top Left: Mach 7 Valley View Wishes Come True "Danica"
Pach 2
Top right: NATCH Valley Views b'leve it or Not  "Ripley"
As of 2014 Ripley is now officially retired, Good Job Ripley!

Danica's Story
  Valley View Wishes Come True  "Danica"

Danica from birth, was very special. She was a singleton and so fat, I was afraid she wouldn't walk. She matured nicely and had a promising show career ahead of her. Unfortunatly a situation arose that took Danica down a different path. She had to be spayed and her show career came to an end.
Shortly after, my friend Susan Leitner was visiting and was very interested in Danica. Susan had another girl of ours, Callie.  Callie was Susan's first agility dog and obtained a Mach, but was retired.  Susan also had a boy named Lance who could have passed for Danica's brother. Danica was 3.5 years old when Susan took her and started her agility career. In a few years Danica went from a show prospect to a full on agility dog. She now is a Mach 6, and two of her Mach's she earned in one year. She has finished in the top 20 at the nationals, qualified for the world team tryouts 2 years in a row and her success has just amazed us. I give all of the credit to Susan and her ability to bring out the best in her dogs. When I see what Danica has accomplished, I know she was meant to be with Susan.
to be continued..

On Left Judge Don Farage, Bartlett Tn
On Right Judge Kera Holm, Bakersfield Ca